Monday, June 21, 2010

Become an RA Warrior and Help Spread Awareness About RA

Those of us battling RA and related diseases owe a huge debt to Kelly at the RA Warrior website for her amazing efforts to raise awareness about autoimmune arthritis. Not only does Kelly gather the latest research on autoimmune disorders and place it in context, she also works tirelessly to challenge skewed and inaccurate portrayals of RA in mainstream media. (See more about the RA Warrior campaign requesting that Women's Day Magazine get it right by clicking here.)

Kelly also maintains a very active Facebook page where folks living with RA find hope and support. Kelly does all of this while waging her own battle against RA. She is my heroine and a huge role model for all of us who seek to live a passionate and hopeful life with chronic illness.

You can help by entering RA Warrior's contest. It's as simple as a post to your facebook page and/or blog. Please help us raise awareness about RA! It will make a difference for those of us who are warriors every day.

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