Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Spoon Theory

Apropos of our discussion regarding helping people "get it" here is the Spoon Theory alluded to by Wonky Warrior in her recent comment. It's from the blog But You Don't Look Sick. This is the best attempt I've seen at explaining the impact of chronic illness. Please read this.

An amazing RA Blog from Wonky Warrior

I'll have a new post up soon. I'm stewing on one. I've been a bit distracted with a flare in my elbows (which has limited my computer time) and with getting all my duckies in a row to go on Humira, my first biologic.

In the meantime, you must-must-must read this new blog. I suggest reading from the first post to the present to get the full effect. Ms. Wonky is indeed a Warrior. I laughed til I cried and sometimes just cried. Incredibly funny and moving and inspiring. Blessings on you, Wonky. Saving my best prayers for you.

Angry? You bet.

Here's a great post from RA Warrior. If you're a warrior, you'll be reassured that your anger is normal and that the studies suggesting an RA personality are bunk. If you're a friend or family member, perhaps you'll understand a little how autoimmune arthritis and the resulting fall-out in our lives can stir up emotions that you aren't used to seeing in the person you love.